Products featured are: Scaffolding frames, Cross Braces, Guard Rail, Guard Posts, Safety Gates, Base Plates, Screw Jacks, Folding Trestles, Extensions, Tuffy Jacks, Flat Backs, Rolling Scaffold Units, Aluminum Hook Plank, Hatch Decks, Laminated and  Southern Yellow Pine Plank, MFS Scaffolding Products, Pins, Casters, Wheels, Pulleys, Manufacturing Parts, Locking Devices, Side Brackets, Safety Signage and Stickers, Veneer Frames, Steel Tubing, Stairways, Ladders and Brackets, Post Shores, Debris and Safety Tarps/Netting, Trash Chutes, and Systems Scaffolding products to include Ring Lock, Cup Lock, and Tube Lock styles. All products meet or exceed ANSI/OSHA requirements.




  • Snap-On Style
  • Flip Lock Style
  • Drop Lock Style
  • C Lock Style
  • Scaffold Plank, Stages & Boards
  • Scaffold Towers
  • Systems Scaffold
  • Miscellanious & Accessories