Specialty Products

Tyvek® StuccoWrap® helps provide better water management behind stucco facades, and reduce the susceptibility to cracking of the scratch-coat. It can help promote both stronger façades andbetter-performing wall systems.

A single layer of Tyvek® StuccoWrap® is typically installed over sheathing in direct contact with stucco. Tyvek® is highly inert, and will not react with any of the standard ingredients found in traditional stucco mixtures. This allows it to be used in direct contact with stucco cladding mixtures, in accordance with ASTM C926-06 Standard Specification for Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster.

TUSCAN STAIN is a pigmented acrylic sealer used in combination with  acrylic finishes to achieve an “old world” or “antique” appearance. Tuscan Stain can also be used without pigment as a sealer.

Uses: Tuscan Stain creates an “antique appearance” when applied to acrylic based or cement based stucco finishes.CANTERA FINISH is an acrylic, polymer based, cantera/travertine look, trowel applied plaster finish with natural earthen components.

Uses: Cantera Finish may be used for interior or exterior applications over properly prepared substrates, including new or existing drywall and new or existing plaster substrates.


A high gloss finish plaster to achieve a Venetian plaster style finish, with a high polish and distinct mottling.

The Venetian Plaster look of Brio is smooth to the touch with a stunning high gloss shine reminiscent of marble. Successive coats of Brio are applied to create a stunning and easily maintained multi-dimensional mottling effect. Brio plaster finish produces the look of beautiful aged lime-based Italian plasters

Specialty Products
Specialty Products